How Does Tenant Screening Work on a KSL Homes Listing?

This article discusses how the tenant screening process works on KSL Homes. For information on the value of tenant screening, see Why Tenant Screening Is Important.

When a lister creates a listing, they can opt in or out of tenant screening. If they opt in, users will see a “Get Screened” button on their listing, which will take them through the screening process. The screening process is fairly quick. Users are asked for:

  • basic info (name, address)
  • monthly income
  • desired monthly rent price
  • previous landlord info
  • social security number
  • consent to run a credit and background check

All of this information is done through a secure system and is not shared for any reason other than to process the screening itself. We partner with a credit reporting agency, SimpliVerified, to run the credit and background check. After the user completes the screening process and pays the $35 screening fee, the results come back within 24 hours (usually a few minutes).

KSL will then send a scorecard to the owner of the listing. The scorecard contains a summary of the user's screening results. To comply with regulations, our larger property managers who are on a paid plan often need greater detail than what is found on the scorecard. Larger property managers on a paid plan will also receive a detailed report on the rental history, criminal background, and credit history of the potential tenant. Personal information that is not relevant to the screening will be redacted where possible in these reports.

To avoid having a user go through the screening process twice, we will retain screening results for 60 days. Within that time period, users can send their results to any listing they choose by selecting the "Send Screening" button on a listing. After 60 days, they are prompted to go through the screening process again, if needed.

We are excited to make tenant screening available for our users, and we will continue to add the most requested features that will help our community members secure or improve their living situation.

KSL Homes Team